Fuji speed way in Shizuoka 11 september 2008 ( R's Swift fly at 210 km/h )

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Fuji speed way in Shizuoka 11 september 2008 ( R's Swift fly at 210 km/h )

Message par davide catania le Mer 24 Sep 2008 - 16:29


Very interesting video of R's swift with supercharger in a track ...210 km / h !!

R’s Inc went to Fuji Speed Way in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan which is a world class race circuit to test R’s Super Swift on 1st September, 2008. The objective was to test R’s Super Swift with all the complete R's products at Fuji Speed Way, like the RRP Supercharger kit Rotrex type, new RRP High Performance Dumper kit, new RRP Brake pad, RRP Super chip ECU, RRP New Sports Cleaner and etc.

Fuji Speed Way is about 4,563 meters in length and has a main straight away which length is about 1,475m. It is the longest one out of the Grand Prix circuits, and also has 100R high speed corner. We strongly believe that this circuit is the best circuit to test the performance of RRP Super Swift car including the test of full braking system and the total balance of the car. RRP Super Swift had demonstrated its ability and scored 100% performance at this circuit.

The RRP Super Swift could mark more than 210Km/h on meter on the main straight away!!

Fuji Speed Way


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